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Announcement on International Competition of Detailed Space Planning for Wutong High-end Business District of Cross-Strait Financial Centre in Xiamen


Urban Planning Society of China (the undertaker) is commissioned by Cross-Strait Regional Financial Centre Area Headquarters (Xiamen Eye Construction Headquarters) and Xiamen Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (the organizer) jointly to launch this open international solicitation activity for the Detailed Space Planning for Wutong High-end Business District of Cross-Strait Financial Centre in Xiamen (hereinafter referred to as “this solicitation activity”)。 The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows.


I.Project Overview


In 2010, the State Council approved the establishment of Cross-Strait Regional Financial Centre in Xiamen to build a regional financial centre that serves the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, radiates the Southeast Asia, connects the “Maritime Silk Road”, and faces the world. The Cross-Strait Regional Financial Centre Area is an important platform to achieve this goal. It is located in the eastern part of Xiamen Island, with a planned land area of 23 square kilometres; it reaches Huandao Road in the east, Convention and Exhibition Centre in the south, Yunding in the west, Wuyuan Bay in the north, and across two administrative districts of Siming and Huli. Under the vigorous promotion of the national, provincial and municipal governments, the overall framework of the Cross-Strait Regional Financial Centre Area has been formed. The Wutong High-end Business District in the area is the last large-scale undeveloped space on the main island of Xiamen, and will be an important carrier to realize General Secretary Xi's image of Xiamen as the “Gateway to Southeast China”, and an important window to represent the city image and reflect the high-quality development and upgrading of Xiamen.


Located in the northeast of Xiamen Island, the Wutong High-end Business District of Cross-Strait Financial Centre is close to the East Sea to the east, and the Wutong Port to the north. As the eastern gateway area of Xiamen Island, it is about 10 kilometres away from Xiamen Railway Station, 14 kilometres away from the future Xiang'an Airport, and it is across the sea from the sports, convention and exhibition centre that is under construction.

图1 两岸金融中心五通高端商务区区位图

Figure 1. Location Diagram of Wutong High-end Business District of Cross-Strait Financial Centre


II.Planning Objectives


This solicitation activity sincerely invites excellent planning and architecture design masters and teams at home and abroad to participate, and propose planning and design schemes with comprehensive benefits and international vision, aiming to promote the construction of Wutong High-end Business District as a gathering area of financial industries for the two sides of the strait, and make it a new name card for Xiamen through high-level orientation and high-standard design.


As an important gateway to the northeast of the island, the Wutong High-end Business District is an important area for the island’s great upgrades. The overall planning objective is to improve the positioning and functional quality of the area, shape the image of Xiamen as the “Gateway to Southeast China”, and create high-quality fine urban space.


By summarizing the experience of headquarter development and industry-city linkage at home and abroad, to carry out industry development vision and business type refinement research with higher standards, reflecting concepts of high quality and internationalization, synergy and linkage, scientific innovation and economy, to build the area into a high-end headquarters office cluster with international orientation and regional differentiation, and promote the overall improvement of the functional quality of Cross-Strait Financial Centre. At the same time, to study and propose a city image shaping plan that highlights the national strategy as well as the local spirit and characteristics, combining with the location, function characteristics, space scale, style and features, and architecture construction of the area. Drawing lessons from and collecting future-oriented, open and innovative urban design concepts, to refine the detailed design of the space, coordinate the overall natural landscape pattern combined with the natural conditions of the area, optimize the land-use layout and control, traffic organization and management, and create a harmonious and beautiful spatial form with the connotation of fine quality, high efficiency and vitality.


III.Solicitation Requirements


This solicitation activity is divided into two stages, namely “scheme formulation” and “follow-up scheme optimization”.


(Ⅰ)Scheme formulation stage


The tasks of this stage mainly include area positioning improvement and function planning research, overall space design (mesoscale-level urban design mainly for the planning scope of 4 square kilometres, in addition to regular contents, it should include underground space utilization, etc.), detailed design of key areas (microscale-level urban design mainly for the key areas of 1.7 square kilometres, in addition to regular contents, it should include conceptual design of landmarks and important public buildings, conceptual design of landscape, etc.), examples of design guidelines, planning implementations, etc.


(Ⅱ)Follow-up scheme optimization stage


The applicant institution who is responsible for the follow-up scheme optimization stage shall optimize and develop the scheme according to the opinions of the jury committee and the organizer, absorb the advantages of other schemes, and form holistic and original urban design deliverables.


IV.Planning Scope


Research scope: the entire 23 square kilometres of the Cross-Strait Financial Centre Area (but not limited to this scope) can be taken as the research scope, which can be expanded by the applicant institution.


Planning scope: east to the coastline of East Sea, south to Jinqi Road, west to Jinshan Road, north to Xianyue Road and Suiding North Road; the total area of the planning scope is about 4 square kilometres.


Key areas: it mainly includes the third phase of the Wutong High-end Business District, Fengtou Town, and the start zone of the core area; the total area is about 1.7 square kilometres, and minor adjustments can be made by the applicant institution according to the scheme.

图2 研究范围示意图

Figure 2. Diagram of Research Scope

图3 规划范围和重点片区示意图

Figure 3. Diagram of Planning Scope and Key Areas


V.Application Requirements


(Ⅰ)This activity opens application to domestic and foreign institutions that are legally registered and have design experience similar to this project. The domestic applicant institutions must have one of Grade-A qualification of urban and rural planning formulation or Grade-A qualification of architecture and construction engineering; foreign applicant institutions must have one of the relevant qualifications of urban and rural planning or architecture design issued by the competent authority or relevant industry organizations of their home country or region. Applicant institutions must have the corresponding sectoral research capabilities for business districts. If not, the applicant institution can hire an industry consulting agency as a consultant or form a consortium. Considering the impact of COVID-19, foreign applicant institutions (without branches in China) must form a consortium with domestic institutions. This project accepts application by consortium, but the consortium shall not have more than two members, and the members of the consortium are not allowed to apply separately on their own or form another consortium. If a foreign applicant institution consorts with a domestic applicant institution, qualification requirements for the domestic institution are the same as above. Applications by individuals or groups of individuals will not be accepted.


(Ⅱ)The professionals involved in this project must be the current registered staff of the applicant institution; the chief designer must have experience in directing several similar projects and must participate in the whole process of the competition activity. The project team shall be fully equipped with all professional types of work. The professional team of the foreign applicant institution should include at least one member who is proficient in Chinese to ensure the accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements.


(Ⅲ)The applicant institution shall provide complete prequalification application materials in accordance with the requirements of the Prequalification Document.


(Ⅳ)In addition to the above terms, when the competition organizer raises reasonable requests, the applicant institution shall continue to provide supplementary certification documents that meet the corresponding requirements.


(Ⅴ)Applicant institutions with the following experience in similar projects are preferred:


1) Comprehensive research capabilities and practical experience in urban central business district;


2) Rich experience in the urban design of city centres and coastal areas.


VI.Fees and Awards


This solicitation activity is divided into two stages, namely “scheme formulation” and “follow-up scheme optimization”. Six applicant institutions will be selected to participate in the scheme formulation stage through pre-qualification and conceptual design proposal review. After the shortlisted applicant institutions submit valid application documents in accordance with the requirements of the Solicitation Document, the jury committee will review and determine the ranking of schemes, and award the corresponding design fees.





The first place: a bonus of RMB 4.0 million;

The second place: a bonus of RMB 3.0 million;

The third place: a bonus of RMB 2.0 million;

The fourth, fifth and sixth places: a compensation fee of RMB 1.5 million each.


The applicant institution who wins the first place will be responsible for the follow-up scheme optimization; specific matters will be negotiated according to follow-up arrangements. The design fee for the follow-up deepening stage will be RMB 2.0 million. All the above fees include taxes.




It is planned to determine the shortlist of applicant institutions in mid-December 2020, and organize the site survey and hold the project release conference in mid to late December 2020. The chief designer and other team members of the applicant institutions are required to attend the conference. The design period of the scheme formulation stage is about 90 calendar days. See the table below for specific arrangements:


Note: The above time is based on Beijing time, and the organizer reserves the right to make timely adjustments to specific arrangements.


I.Application Method


Any applicant who intends to participate in this solicitation activity shall register first. After downloading the application form (Appendix 1) and completing the application information, the applicant shall send it to the designated email address zxb@planning.org.cn. After receiving the application form, the undertaker will reply with the Prequalification Document and other related documents by email.


Prequalification application documents shall be made in strict accordance with relevant requirements, and can be submitted by on-site submission or express delivery. Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic, if submit by express delivery, please reserve enough time for the express transportation; a letter of authorization by the legal representative shall be presented if submit on site.


Submission time and place for the prequalification application documents: The applicant institutions should submit the printed prequalification application documents to the designated address before 16:00 on December 7, 2020, and send all electronic prequalification application documents to the designated email address (zxb@planning.org.cn)。 The submission address for the printed documents is as follows: Urban Planning Society of China, North Annex Building of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No.9 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Miss Zhang (the addressee), 010-58323854. The time for submission is 09:00-16:00 on working days. Prequalification application documents that are overdue or do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.


Announcement of prequalification result: The selecting result of shortlisted applicant institutions will be announced within 30 calendar days after the deadline for submission of prequalification application documents.




Contact: Miss Lei 010-58323868, Miss Zhang 010-58323854

Telephone consultation time: 09:00-11:00 am, 14:00-16:00 pm on working days

Email: zxb@planning.org.cn


II.Announcement Platforms


This announcement is issued simultaneously on the Website of Urban Planning Society of China (www.planning.org.cn) and the Website of Xiamen Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (http://zygh.xm.gov.cn/)。 The amendments and supplements to this announcement are subject to the contents published on the above websites. If there is any inconsistency between Chinese and English in this announcement, the content in Chinese shall prevail.


November 23, 2020