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Announcement of International Solicitation of Design Schemes for Station-city-integration of Jiaxing

2020-07-28 16:31 来源:中国城市规划网


1.Project overview


Facing the opportunity of the national strategy “Yangtze River Delta integration rising”, Jiaxing City has taken the construction of hub-type central city in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta as the general objective, strongly advocated the Four Construction, released the Three-Year Action Plan for Construction of Hub Jiaxing and put forward the goal of building Jiaxing on the track.


As the national railway hub, Jiaxingnan Railway Station is one of the main hub in the railway passenger transport system of Jiaxing City as well as one of the 12 landmark traffic projects in the Three-Year Action Plan of Hub JiaxingConstruction Great Battle. The high-speed railway station-city-integration, Shanghai-Jiaxing intercity rail transit project, Nantong-Suzhou-Jiaxing-Ningbo High-speed Railway and tramcar Phase 1 are the projects to be implemented in the near future. In the latest Overall Planning for National Land Space of Jiaxing City, the hub area of the New City is positioned as the city center and will constitute a double center development pattern with the existing old urban area.


This international collection of schemes will adhere to the idea of station-city-integration, insist on the requirements of world vision, international standard, Chinese characteristics and high-point positioning and collect forward-looking and innovative station-city integration conceptual design schemes from excellent design institutions at home and abroad.


2.Project location

高铁新城位于嘉兴市嘉兴经济技术开发区(嘉兴国际商务区),以嘉兴高铁南站为核心,接轨G60科创走廊,是嘉兴市未来高水平发展、科创及公共服务能力最强的区域, 是嘉兴城市发展新的增长极,在打造长三角核心区枢纽型中心城市过程中,具有重要的战略地位。

High-Speed Rail New City is located in Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Jiaxing International Business District), it takes Jiaxingnan Railway Station as the core, connected with G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and will become the powerful area of high-level development, science and technology innovation and public service as well as the new growth pole of urban development in the future. Therefore, it has an important strategic position in the process of building a hub central city in the core area of Yangtze River Delta.


According to correlative plans of national railway, intercity rail and urban railway planning, the New High-speed Railway Hub (Jiaxingnan Railway Station), based on the existing Hukun High-speed Railway (also known as the Huhang Passenger Railway), is planned to introduce four urban tracks, namely Sujiayong Railway, Huzhahang Railway, Huhang Intercity Railway, Jiahu Intercity Railway, and three urban railways, namely Railway No.1, No.2 and Hujia Intercity Railway. It builds an urban space together with other urban public facilities, urban roads, and slow-moving systems, building a station-city integrated and land highly utilized integrated transportation hub. It will become the most important external traffic gateway and urban vitality center of Jiaxing.

图 1嘉兴市区位示意图

Figure 1 Locational diagram of Jiaxing City

图 2高铁新城区位示意图

Figure 2 Locational diagram of High-Speed Rail New City


3.Purpose of solicitation


The scheme solicitation is aimed at soliciting prospective, innovative and implementable integrated station-city-integration design concepts and solutions from domestic and foreign design institutions. By drawing lessons from the most advanced development, planning, construction and operation concepts at home and abroad, this project will show the charm of Jiangnan Watertown and hub city, and create an efficient and convenient comprehensive transportation hub, a demonstration project highly integrated with station city, a gateway landmark of Jiaxing New City center and a model city for future urban life.


The results of this scheme solicitation shall meet the supporting role and guiding significance of the feasibility study of hub project, effectively guiding the implementation and construction of the new town.


4.Design contents


The scheme solicitation includes the following two levels:


4.1Construction conceptual design of “station-city-integration” area


The design scope of construction conceptual scheme is shown as the red line in above figure: as far north as Henan, south as Zhenbei Road, west as Shuangxi Road and east as Qingfeng Road and Jianan Road, with the total area of about 1.38 square kilometers. (If necessary, not limited to this scope)。


According to the successful development experience of surrounding cities, the applicant puts forward the design idea of Jiaxing-featured station-city-integration, builds superstructures on the station buildings/canopies, studies the cohesive relations between station-city-integration and other plots, carries out construction conceptual scheme design on the hub area based on the plot development, functional organization, traffic flow, underground space, three-dimensional spatial form, building images, landscape and important nodes, realizes integration of regional functions, traffic and style and proposes the phased development scheme.


4.2Urban design development in coordination area


The urban design scope of coordination area is shown as the white line in above figure: as far north as Sanhuan South Road, south as Jiaxing-Suzhou Highway, west as Haiyantang River and east as Jianan Road and Dongyu Road with the area of about 16.21 square kilometers (not limited to the scope if necessary)。


According to the design objective and principle of the station-city-integration area, the coordination area carries out overall conception and cohesion description on the functional layout, development scale, spatial form, comprehensive transportation, public space and landscape, and forms an overall spatial layout of development function interaction, space integration and environment coordination with the surrounding areas; This reflects the coordination and interaction with core area planning. and proposes the feasible development suggestions according to the construction time and sequence of hub.

图 3设计范围示意图

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of design scope


5.Solicitation rules


The solicitation consists of two stages: registration and pre-qualification, concept competition and evaluation.


5.1Phase I: Application and prequalification

由主办方组建资格预审评审委员会,对应征人所提交的有效资格预审申请文件进行评审,采用记名投票、逐轮票决等方式推荐 5 家递交资格预审文件的单位作为入围单位。通过资格预审的 5 家入围应征申请人应按时提交《参赛确认函》。如前 5 家入围单位中有退出第二阶段竞标的,则备选单位依序替补。

A prequalification review committee is formed by the sponsor to review the valid prequalification application documents submitted by the applicant. By disclosed ballot and round by round voting, 5 units submitting prequalification documents will be recommended as the finalists. 5 applicants who have passed the prequalification should submit the Participation Confirmation Letter on time. If the first 5 finalists withdraw from the second-stage bidding, the alternative units will replace it in sequence.


5.2Phase II: Competition and review of conceptual scheme


The 5 design units who have passed the prequalification will directly enter the second stage of the scheme design bidding stage. The applicant shall submit the result documents conforming to the requirements of the technical specification. The bidding evaluation process requires the applicant's project leader or chief designer to introduce and defend the application scheme, explain the design concept, and answer the questions of the bid evaluation committee. The sponsor shall establish an expert evaluation committee in accordance with the law, which shall evaluate the top three candidates by disclosed ballot and round by round voting and recommend them to the sponsor. The evaluation committee shall give the evaluation opinions on schemes of top three candidates, and the sponsor shall determine the final superior scheme based on various factors. After the later negotiation, the final superior scheme has priority to enter the next scheme in-depth stage. Each applicant is allowed to submit only one design scheme.


6.Organizational process


6.1Phase I: Application and prequalification

2020年07月28日 发布资格预审公告

July 28, 2020, issue the Prequalification Notice

2020年07月31日 答疑截止

July 31, 2020, cut off question answering

2020年08月03日 正式发布答疑

August 3, 2020, formally issue the question answering.


Before August 5, 2020 17:00, the design institution shall send the application materials to email box, registration closed.


Before August 07, 2020, 17:00, the design institution shall submit paper documents.

2020年08月09日 召开资格预审会选取入围单位

August 09, 2020, hold the prequalification meeting to select the shortlisted units.

2020年08月10日 发布入围通知书

August 10, 2020, issue the shortlist notification.


6.2Phase II: Competition and review of conceptual scheme

2020年08月10日 发布竞赛阶段设计任务书,同时组织踏勘、技术交流

August 10, 2020, issue the design specification of the competition stage, and organize reconnaissance and technical exchange.

2020年08月15日 答疑截止

August 15, 2020, cut off question answering

2020年08月20日 正式发布答疑

August 20, 2020, formally issue the question answering.

2020年09月20日 中期成果答疑或交流

September 20, 2020, answering or exchange of interim results

2020年10月15日 应征人递交成果文件

October 15, 2020, the applicant shall submit the outcome document

2020年10月18日 方案评审会,需述标及答辩

October 18, 2020, the scheme review meeting, bid specification and reply shall be carried out.

2020年10月20日 定标并结果公布

October 20, 2020, announce the bidding results.


☆ All the time shall be subject to Beijing Time. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule.


7.Registration requirements


7.1The bid applicant (“applicant”) shall be a legally registered legal entity or a scheme consortium composed legally registered legal entities.


7.2The applicant should have the relevant qualifications and abilities to undertake the urban design and architectural design projects.


(1) The applicants in the People's Republic of China shall provide materials that can prove its professional and technical ability to undertake urban design, for example, the qualification certificate for urban and rural planning, the qualification certificate of urban planning service for foreign-invested enterprises, the Class A and above qualification certificate in construction industry (construction engineering) design or the commission contract of urban design, etc.;


(2) Planning and design institutions outside the People's Republic of China shall, in accordance with the administrative regulations of their own country or region, have the practice license or business license for urban planning or architectural design. If, in accordance with the regulations governing the practice or business of urban planning and architectural design in that country or region, business entities for  urban planning or architectural design shall have corresponding professional qualification or qualification or business license, the corresponding documentary evidence shall be provided. If, in accordance with the regulations governing the practice or business of urban planning and architectural design in that country or region, individual planners and architects but not business entities for  urban planning or architectural design are required to have corresponding professional qualification or qualification or business license, registration or practicing certificate or membership certificate of planners and architects in such entities shall be provided, meanwhile, the design institution shall state the regulations governing the practice or business of planning and architectural design in that country or region. The qualification requirements of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan design institutions shall refer to the qualification requirements of overseas design institutions.


(3) The bid applicant shall have experience in urban and architectural design similar to the functional nature of the project.


7.3The project accepts the application of the consortium, with the its number of member institutions not exceeding 4.


(1) The members of the consortium shall jointly sign an association agreement;


(2) Each member unit that forms a project consortium shall not apply for prequalification in its own name, nor shall it join any other consortium in this project at the same time;


(3) The consortium composed of domestic design institutions shall meet the requirements in 7.2 (1); If the consortium consists of domestic and foreign design institutions (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the domestic institution shall meet at least one of the qualification requirements in Item 7.2 (1), and the overseas institution (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) shall meet those in Item 7.2 (2)。

注:1、法定代表人为同一个人的两个及两个以上法人,母公司、全资子公司及其控股公司,不得同时参加本次国际征集活动; 2、已报名的设计机构不可再与其他机构组成联合体参加本次国际征集活动,也不得以顾问的形式参加。3、本项目不接受个人及个人组合报名。

Note: 1. Two or more legal persons of the same person, parent company, wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company shall not participate in the international solicitation at the same time. 2. The registered design institutions shall not form a consortium with other organizations to participate in the international solicitation, nor shall it participate in the form of consultants. 3. The project does not accept application from individual or individual combination.


7.4Registration way and information acquisition



Urban Planning Society of China:http://www.planning.org.cn/

Solicitation announcement release and data acquisition platform:


Architectural Society of China website:http://www.chinasus.org/


The Architectural Society of China:http://www.chinaasc.org/


Architecture bbs:http://www.abbs.com.cn/


Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone Official website:http://jxedz.jiaxing.gov.cn/


Design institutions interested in participating in this project can first send the application form and other application materials to the organization and consulting service unit by E-mail. In addition, the design institution should send the paper application document to the sponsor before the date required.

报名咨询:马女士 13051910687

Registration consultation: Ms Ma: 13051910687


Application e-mail: futureurban@126.com

报名资料邮寄信息:浙江省嘉兴市南湖区槜李路1818号国际金融广场 B 座 7 F  邮政编码314001

Registration materials mailing information: 7F, Building B, International Finance Plaza, 1818 Zuili Road, Nanhu Lake, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province 314001.


8.Design compensation


After the design results submitted by the prequalified design institutions have been reviewed and calibrated by experts, those meeting the design requirements will receive the following scheme solicitation fees according to their ranking:


The first prize (1): The compensation fee can be RMB 4 million yuan only, including the organization fee of follow-up workshop for integration and deepening (no more than 3 times);


The second prize (2): The compensation will be RMB 3 million yuan respectively;


The three prize (2): The compensation will be RMB 2.2 million yuan respectively.




Organization unit: Jiaxing People's Government


Sponsor: Jiaxing Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Jiaxing International Business District), Jiaxing Development and Reform Commission, Nanhu District People's Government, Jiaxing Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Jiaxing Transport Bureau


Organizer: Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Jiaxing International Business District)